Dr. Brantley has been teaching at the University of La Verne since the fall of 2016, where she has developed introductory courses in United States, Latinx, and borderlands history, as well as courses that dive into the practice of history and upper-division special topics seminars on activism, resistance, and the post-World War II history of the United States.

Each semester, Dr. Brantley advises students completing their senior projects on topics in US, Latinx, and/or Latin American history. Additionally, as Director of Honors & Interdisciplinary Initiatives, she advises students in the Global Ideas Honors Program.

Dr. Brantley is committed to continually improving and reassessing pedagogies and approaches to the classroom (whether in person or online). She has earned a certificate in online teaching (summer 2020) and received a certification in Effective Teaching Practices from the American Council of University Educators (ACUE) and the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC) in 2019. Prior to that, she served as a lead instructor for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program and was a McDougal Teaching Fellow at Yale’s Center for Teaching & Learning, for which she wrote about Service-Learning & Graduate Students.

Courses Currently Offered at the University of La Verne:

-HSTY 111: United States History after 1877 (FLEX course for incoming first-year students)

-HSTY 200: Issues in History

-HSTY 310: The American Experience I

-HSTY 311: The American Experience II

-HSTY 315: Introduction to Latinx Histories

-HSTY 320: History of Latin America

-HSTY 398: Approaches to History

-HSTY 415: Migration & Borderlands in North America

-HSTY 420: The United States After World War II

-HSTY 460: Race & Resistance in the 20th Century

-HONR 499: Honors Program Senior Project (The World is Our Neighborhood)

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